How We Work

Children are our JOY OF LIFE. NeedyChild International is a child-centered development organization. Household poverty is the single most important factor which keeps children out of school, yet education is a key ingredient in breaking the cycle of poverty. We work directly with children, their families, communities and non-profit organizations to bring about a positive change in the lives of needy children around the world. We put our heart and soul when we work with these children to bring about a change in their daily lives. It is more likely that programs will be successful and sustainable in the long run by doing so.

They speak, We listen. The key to unlocking the doors is to listen to what children have to say about their rights, needs and problems they face in their lives. We encourage children to take an active role in finding solutions to their problems through our help and support that we provide.

Our volunteers go into downtrodden villages or communities and work with organizations that are already on the ground who have local knowledge and can speak the local language worldwide. We also contact local non-profit organizations, schools and other welfare organizations and help provide books, uniforms, food, medicine and other necessary items that will help a child go to school and complete his/her education. We also help purchase the essential medicines and supplies that are truly needed for child's health and welfare.

Our aim is to provide for all needy children, but to accomplish this huge task we also need financial support that can carry us to do this good deed. We avail help from organizations and also from our own fundraising activities. Our folks at NeedyChild International are heavily involved in fundraising activities because they want to support this good and generous cause. They are inspired by helping a needy child and paving a way for the child's future. People care deeply about their personal passions and look for charities that support their causes. It’s not just about the charity itself – the underlying cause is what really drives people.

Today, NeedyChild International gets the majority of its funding from individuals, corporate contributions and international development agencies. Our organization continues to expand with your support and help provide a bright and colorful future for the children who are needy.

So what does this mean for NeedyChild International?
Firstly, remember that your support help us become great fundraisers. If you are a committed donors then please take on a fundraising challenge or event and let us know by helping us get the message out there to all your family and friends, such as why NeedyChild International charity means so much to you.

The programs we offer are carefully calculated and organized through our annual budget-planning session and we also follow a stringent review process. Our main focus is helping needy children escape the arms of poverty. We help children get the education they deserve, stay healthy, be protected, develop self-reliance and courage and have a bright future and excellent career. We are committed to excellence in caring for needy children worldwide.

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